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Baking Independently - Using an Illustrated Recipe Card

Independent baking at How we Montessori - using an illustrated recipe card

We tried something a little different with our baking today. I wanted to create a recipe that Otis could follow independently.

I typed out the recipe and included images of the exact ingredients he would be using. I printed out two pages one with the ingredients and one with the method. I laminated the pages so Otis could cross off the items and steps as he used them. This was a good idea especially for the ingredients as Otis loved marking them off as they went into the bowl. Such a fun process. 

How we Montessori - Indpendent Baking

I put all the ingredients and all the utensils he would need (including measuring cups and spoons) on a tray. Otis also worked on a child sized table. This makes such a difference. He is standing on the floor and can move around freely. He races off to get himself a drink and comes back. We turn on the oven and then come back, he moves around the table to reach ingredients and he is completely in control of the process.  

Independent baking at How we Montessori - illustrated recipe

Here I took a quick picture of the tray with the ingredients and Otis is crossing off the ingredients as they go into the bowl. 

Otis stiring muffin mixture at How we Montessori, illustrated recipe

I helped Otis to put the muffins in and take them out of the oven. I also helped to make sure he used the correct teaspoon/tablespoon. It's really a different scenario to when the child helps an adult and works at the adult's level of comfort (kitchen bench). We don't bake like this all the time but when we do it's totally worth it! 

Otis strawberry and chocolate chip muffins at How we Montessori

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