Basic Montessori: Learning Activities for Under-Fives by David Gettman
Some Beautiful Things.

Materials (and inspiration) for Montessori Parts of a Flower Work

How we Montessori Parts of a Flower Materials, Flower Puzzles and Three Part CardsWhile it's still warm here I've been thinking about Parts of a Flower work. We love flower arranging and to be real it's something we do almost daily. I love having flowers in the house and even if it's flowers (or blossoms, branches or leaves) from our own garden. Flowers are a constant although it's not often we cut them up and have a look inside. It's time we expanded our vocabulary and knowledge of the anatomy of a flower. I've found some inspiration in the materials above but first - time to pick some flowers! 

1. Learning Resources - Cross Section of a Flower Model, 2. Absorbent Minds - Structure of a Flower, 3. Early School Materials - Flower Puzzle other options from Montessori Outlet or Amazon, 4. Maitri Learning - Part of a Flower Book (Dicot), 5. Montessori for Everyone - Parts of a Flower Nomenclature Cards, 6. Alison's Montessori - Parts of a Plant Felt Pieces and 7. My First Discoveries - Flowers.

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