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Meaningful Books at HWM

Do you have any really meaningful books on your children's bookshelves? I've recently discovered these two books and both brought a tear to my eye! 

The Forest. Meaningful Books at How we Montessori

A Forest by Marc Martin has a simple conservation message about trees (a forest!) and the greed of man. A short book with a poignant message. 

Another reason why I love this book is because of the amazing illustrations. The book features what looks like watercolours and gel pen drawings. My boys have studied collage at some length so I love to show them this mix of mediums. It's a really successful combination. 

You're Here for a Reason. Meaningful Books at How we Montessori

This one totally makes me teary! You're Here for a Reason by Nancy Tillman. Nancy Tillman has an amazing range of children's books. Have you read any? I know they are incredibly popular. This book has nice rhythmic text and really is quite special. Caspar said it touched his heart! Reading this book to a child will certainly make them feel loved. I love the message that we can have a meaningful impact on the world and that even through low periods we can show strength and courage. "You're here for a reason. It's totally true. You're part of a world that is counting on you." So beautiful. 

We have sourced both of these books locally from Biome (they have a really sweet range of children's books)!

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