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OK, this is a really easy one. Ready? Do you have a magnifying glass? Good! Go and get it and put it in a basket with a few interesting things. Got it? Perhaps in a basket (or a tray) with some fabric scraps, wool, cotton or silk. Perhaps in a basket with some shells, flowers from the garden or leaves or seedpods. Perhaps in a basket with a few vegetables or herbs. The more interesting and attractive to the child the better! A young child such as a toddler might need some help, perhaps a demonstration on how to hold... Read more →

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2016! I love this time of year. Reflecting on 2015 I thought I would share my top five posts! 1. Montessori at Ikea. 2. What can I do with my one year old? Part One 12-18 months. 3. Protecting their sense of order - having a tidy, clutter free and organised home. 4. Home Made Mini Books - Phonics and Opposites. 5. The best toys in life are free. Do you have a favourite post from 2015? I hope you enjoyed them all! I'm looking forward to sharing more in 2016! Read more →