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Knowyourself Greece at How we Montessori

Today I want to share with you a fun kit which is also a part of a subscription service that aims to teach children self literacy. Both of my children enjoy learning about their bodies. My kids love tracing their bodies, they love learning about human anatomy and discovering systems of the body. The above kit is a part of the Know Yourself Adventure Series. The Know Yourself Adventure Series takes the child on a monthly voyage through time and uses historical figures to teach them important lessons about how the body works. 

Delivered monthly, each adventure in the series includes an original comic book, science experiments, historical lessons and healthy recipes all designed around engaging core content to give children the information they need to learn about vital systems of the body, while also bringing hours of fun and productive entertainment to their families.

We have received Box One and Dr Bonyfide books (more on these below) c/o Know Yourself. Know Yourself is an Oakland based company and the series is for children aged 7 and up. I would say that a six year old with strong reading skills would definitely love it and there are plenty of opportunities for younger children (such as my 4 year old) to join in. 

Educational subscription services are an excellent idea for busy families who want to be hands on with their children's learning. There is no need to research and to think about how to engage the child - it is all included in one brightly coloured box. I can't imagine how useful this product would be for home-schoolers.

How we Montessori review secret pen and light

To unpack a little, Box One has a focus on the Five Senses and Ancient Greece and includes;

  • Adventure Guide - includes some Greek language, Greek recipes and science experiments that encourage the child to explore their five senses. 
  • Time Skaters Comic - Caspar loved this and read it as soon as he opened the package! It includes real people (figures from history) and real places from Ancient Greece. The comic is called Time Skaters as it about children who skate board and travel through time. At the back of the comic there are some really excellent diagrams to complement the senses - an internal diagram of the ear (hearing) , eye (sight), nose (smell), skin (touch) and tongue (taste). Most of all I can see the comic (and the entire pack) is designed for children to have fun. review at How we Montessori comic book Greece

  • A World Map - for children to place themselves as they move through the series and travel around the word. 
  • Sticker Sheet - to use as the child wishes however they are encouraged to use them on the world map as they meet different characters. 
  • Six Scent Bottles - to capture scents to refine their sense of smell. 
  • Magnifying Glass - to use their sense of sight
  • Egg Shaker - to use their sense of hearing
  • Molding Putty - for their sense of touch
  • Two Invisible Ink Pens - just magic and captured my children's sense of wonder and adventure. For leaving secret messages. These are really fabulous, Caspar is using it in the above picture.  
  • Two Notebooks
  • Information Sheet - this is a clear step by step guide how to use/approach the box. 

Dr Bonyfide at How we Montessori

If you like the concept of self literacy but are not into subscription services have a look at the Dr Bonyfide books. Book One is about the Bones of the Foot, Leg and Pelvis and Book Two is about the Bones of the Hand, Arm and Shoulder. Each book is over 100 full colour A4 pages absolutely full of quizzes, games, jokes and engaging activities. Now my children know much more about the bones of the hands and feet than I do! review at How we Montessori 2016

My kids have a large enough age gap that on most occasions they work well together in a really productive way. Otis asks lots of questions, Caspar helps him to find the answers. Caspar's reading skills also mean they can work together without the need for an adult. The boys are wearing fabulous and educational Know Yourself tees!!  I have to say the x-ray vision glasses have been well used and loved! I love to use technology and fun concepts such as the x-ray glasses and invisible ink to engage my children! 

Adventure 1 The 5 Senses Know Yourself at How we Montessori

Know Yourself has an introductory offer with the code FREE1ST, the first box is free and each subsequent month’s Adventure is $35 (instead of $40!) USD, they waive the (US) shipping charges for all twelve deliveries! This offer expires January 31, 2016. However please check the Know Yourself website for all the details. 

All of the Dr Bonyfide books can be purchased individually and Book Three will be available on Febraruay 1st.

You can also find some really interesting free downloads (including on Foot Anatomy) on the Know Yourself blog here. You can follow Know Yourself on Facebook and the full Know Yourself website can be found here. I hope you enjoy exploring Know Yourself and their fun and educational services!

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