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Montessori Scissor Work Ideas

How we Montessori Cutting with Scissors

The boys had a friend over today and then we went out for a long swim. Once home the boys were tired but still looking for something to do. Both boys love learning about their bodies and yesterday we did this with blocks. Often we trace around and cut out their body like this. Today we traced around Otis' hands and he cut them out. It reminded me about how Otis' cutting has improved and how scissor control is always a work in progress. Cutting out his hands and around the fingers was really hard for him. Above is a snapshot of some of the cutting (with scissors and paper) activities we have tried over the years. Starting with paper strips moving to curvy and zig zag lines to shapes then spirals. Learning to Cut with Scissors is one of my first posts that I wrote about introducing scissors just before Otis was two years old. If you are still to introduce scissors or are looking for some new ideas I hope these suggestions help!

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