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Montessori Grating Activities and Ideas

Some Beautiful Things.

Colour Code Game at How we Montessori

Have you seen this toy? It's absolutely fantastic. You will see it on our shelves for a while as Otis is just on the starter level and it's challenging him. It's one of those logic games that I love. It is recommended for ages 5+ but a four year old will definitely be able to have a go! The child moves the plastic tiles to match or make the same image as to what is on the page.

Otis Collaging

Oh my goodness, loving collage and Otis is loving those sparkly stars. We are using a fantastic transparent storage container from Ikea. (Collaging materials c/o  

Colouful life copy

"I wish you a colourful life". Yes I do! Scraps by Lois Ehlert

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