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1. Hochet disques liés Ateliers Montessori Oxybul, 2. Ensemble de 3 matériels d'emboîtement, 3. Boîte de notion de permanence de l'objet, 4. Banc à marteler Ateliers Montessori Oxybul, 5. Jeu trio de disques à encastrer Ateliers Montessori Oxybul, 6. 3 puzzles botaniques, 7. 3 puzzles d'animaux vertébrés, 8. Coffret Montessori... Read more →

These are four of my favourite matching and sorting activities for toddlers! They don't need a lot of preparation and can be done alongside an adult - matching socks while the adult is doing laundry or sorting cutlery while the adult is doing the dishes. Sock Matching. This could also... Read more →

Montessori Today is written by Paula Polk Lillard who also the co-author of Montessori From The Start. Paula Polk Lillard has many years of experience in Montessori and is the Co-Founder of Forest Buff School. Although the book covers the child from birth the focus is on elementary aged children... Read more →

At a parent education session at the boys' (Montessori) school one of the teachers spoke at length how important it is to identify each child's preferred learning style. They spoke about how they identify this and how they adapt their teaching so that the information is presented in an optimal... Read more →