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Four of My Favourite - Matching and Sorting Activities for Toddlers (using household items).

Easy Toddler Montessori Matching Activities at How we Montessori

These are four of my favourite matching and sorting activities for toddlers! They don't need a lot of preparation and can be done alongside an adult - matching socks while the adult is doing laundry or sorting cutlery while the adult is doing the dishes. 

Sock Matching. This could also be done with mittens, gloves or shoes. Perhaps the child can match socks while the adult is folding laundry or tidy the mud room or shoe area. 

Sorting Cutlery. The child can help to wipe or put away the knives, forks and spoons (children's utensil set pictured here). 

Matching Lids and Containers. Young children often love to play with containers and lids, why not give them a set that matches and see if they can put the right lid on the right container. 

Sorting Buttons. We are using crafting buttons (they are good to use as they can be sorted by colour) but many homes have a few buttons that could be used and sorted with supervision. Sorting buttons would be a good activity for the toddler to do at any time but particularly while the adult is sewing or crafting. 

These are absolutely no pressure activities that might appeal to the child's sense of order!

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