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Folded Geometric Shapes - For Colour and Decoration! Butterflies, Dragonflies and Lotus Flowers

Window Butterflies Dragonflies and Flower using kite paper at How we Montessori

I apologise to anyone following me on Instagram. I published a picture of these window shapes earlier with no intent of posting them here. However they just turned out really well and the boys joined in so why not share them here too. 

Folded paper butterfly and dargonfly at How we Montessori using kite paper

These are similar to the Waldorf window stars that we have made previously and are so lovely. I started by making the butterflies and a dragonfly. The boys joined in to make more dragonflies and together we worked out how to make the lotus flower below. Not only do I love working with the boys and to see them concentrate, use their fine motor skills but I can really see the geometric shapes and mathematical side of this activity. And the reward is great! 

How we Montessori paper folded flower and dragon fly

These are on the boys' bedroom window (which overlooks our neighbours' tree which is fabulous for bird watching!). 

To make the butterflies and dragonflies we used tutorials found here and kite paper (we source our paper here in Australia). Kite paper is well suited for this activity, it is strong with really vibrant colours and already comes in squares (no cutting required), we use it for so many crafts. This activity requires some glueing but is absolutely suitable for children. 

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