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matériaux de Montessori de France - Montessori materials from France

Montessori Materials from France

1. Hochet disques liés Ateliers Montessori Oxybul, 2. Ensemble de 3 matériels d'emboîtement, 3. Boîte de notion de permanence de l'objet, 4. Banc à marteler Ateliers Montessori Oxybul, 5. Jeu trio de disques à encastrer Ateliers Montessori Oxybul, 6. 3 puzzles botaniques, 7. 3 puzzles d'animaux vertébrés, 8. Coffret Montessori Mes lettres et mes chiffres, 9. Mallette des lettres mobiles,10. Mes chiffres Montessori. I also love this Butterfly mobile with black and white art cards. 

You know I love Montessori materials - the way they are made, so purposeful and beautiful. While I don't feel it's necessary to have teal interlocking discs I do love some of these French Montessori Materials. I am totally in love with the two sets of puzzles here the botany and vertebrates (they don't ship these international unfortunately - I tried!). Otis has the green Montessori numbers and they are fantastic! 

I've updated our reading list on my sidebar and I thought it was worth a mention that at this time of year we enjoy this book by National Geographic, it's a lovely book about how Easter is celebrated around the world. 

Also we know that Fiji has been absolutely devastated by cyclone Winston, if you feel like you can help (I just made a donation!) please check out A Girl and Her World (they do wonderful work supporting girls and their families have access to education). 

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