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1. Lock and Latches Activity Board, 2. Locks Box, 3. Wooden Doorbell House, 4. Small Lock Box, 5. Kids Cash Box, 6. Lock-Up Van, 7. Small Lock and Latches Box, 8. Lock Activity Box, 9. Lock Door, 10. Peekaboo Lock Boxes, 11. Lock and Latches Board, 12. Latch Boards, 13. Deluxe Latches Board. Are you looking to set up or revitalise a Montessori toddler environment? Have you tried a lock box or latch board with your toddler/s? We have tried quite a few of these and Otis still uses this one (which we have also given as gifts). I love... Read more →

I apologise to anyone following me on Instagram. I published a picture of these window shapes earlier with no intent of posting them here. However they just turned out really well and the boys joined in so why not share them here too. These are similar to the Waldorf window stars that we have made previously and are so lovely. I started by making the butterflies and a dragonfly. The boys joined in to make more dragonflies and together we worked out how to make the lotus flower below. Not only do I love working with the boys and to... Read more →

Ikea is just so accessible and the smallest things like a step stool or child sized hangers can really make a difference to the child's independence or ease in living and working in the home. We already have a lot of the basic furniture and materials you would find in a Montessori home, however I thought it would be fun to share what I picked up on my latest visit to Ikea! GODMORGON - Box with Lid, Set of 5, Clear - We are currently using this to hold collage materials but it is perfect for storing all kinds of... Read more →