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Go Find It The Sensory Trust at How we Montessori

I recently found this really fun idea. I was looking around for Montessori, nature, sensory, play inspiration. What I love about this idea is that the child is working in a natural setting and using real items. It challenges the child to look closely at their natural environment, using all of their senses. This idea is something that will work in almost any natural setting, today we used it in our yard but would work just as well on a nature walk, in the woods, at the beach or park.

Go Find It from The Sensory Trust

This idea comes from The Sensory Trust which is fantastic resource in the UK. It is called Go Find It and it is a card game/scavenger hunt. So there are a few ways to play. Essentially the child takes a card and finds an item in nature that matches the card. The child finds something green, rough, orange, small and so on. There are 33 cards so the children are not going to get board, they are being active, using their senses and in some cases using their imagination. This can be played as game where a number of cards can be dealt out to each child and then the children have to find those items. Or the children can be shown one card and they all need to find one item from nature that matches. 

Caspar with round Go Find It Card, Sensory Nature Play at How we Montessori

I love that this is a scavenger hunt that we can take anywhere and use in any season. It makes the children think about the qualities of the natural items and to touch, feel, smell, listen. Rather than find a leaf it's find something green or red or with crunch. I'm a little in love, this is a really beautiful activity and the concept is just fantastic! 

Caspar with dry sensory card, Nature Sensory Play Go Find It Card at How we Montessori

You can find the Go Find It game in the UK here and the US here.

When I received my order The Sensory Trust surprised me with an extra set of Go Find It. I would love to give this set away to a reader! Go Find It is recommended for children 3yrs+ and both my children at four and eight years old enjoy and really get into it! If you would like to enter to receive this set please leave a comment below. I will select one reader after comments close on Thursday 18th February 2016 at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. 

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