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Montessori Toddler Lock Work!

Montessori Lock box and latch board at How we Montessori

1. Lock and Latches Activity Board, 2. Locks Box, 3. Wooden Doorbell House, 4. Small Lock Box, 5. Kids Cash Box, 6. Lock-Up Van, 7. Small Lock and Latches Box, 8. Lock Activity Box, 9. Lock Door, 10. Peekaboo Lock Boxes, 11. Lock and Latches Board, 12. Latch Boards, 13. Deluxe Latches Board

Are you looking to set up or revitalise a Montessori toddler environment? Have you tried a lock box or latch board with your toddler/s?

We have tried quite a few of these and Otis still uses this one (which we have also given as gifts). I love the clean lines and the simplicity of number 9 and 12. They are not a material that Maria Montessori designed or I believe even had in her classrooms. However they isolate a practical life activity. Kind of like a dressing frame but for locks. 

There are so many home made/hand made options and inspiration can be found in the commercial examples. As a toddler and even now Otis loves to use a key to unlock our letter box. Lock and key tray activities are also really simple and affordable depending on what you can find in your home! 

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