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A Day in Montessori - Five of the Best Videos


I loving observing Montessori classrooms. I love to see the method in action, how the children interact with the environment and with each other. Here are five of the best videos of a day in Montessori. 

Above is A Montessori Morning which follows four years old Jackson in his Montessori classroom. I believe this was filmed at Dundas Valley Montessori School

My Day from Montessori Guide. This video is a bit longer but it is really worth seeing it through to the end. Montessori Guide also have many other videos on their site worth watching.

A Day in the Life of Baan Dek from Baan Dek. See the movement in a Montessori classroom! 


A Peek into a Montessori Classroom, this video was created as part of the documentary film project, Building the Pink Tower.  

Inside the Montessori Classroom from American Montessori Society. Filmed at Princeton Montessori School in Princeton, NJ. 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! If you or your school has a video you would like to share please leave a link below. 

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