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Around here - Happy Easter (and a yummy lunch box idea)

Otis making mini vegetable samosa

I am on the hunt for really good lunch box ideas. Things like our favourite carrot and zucchini slice (that we also made today), something we can bake and use for snacks and for school lunch boxes throughout the week. I am loving the lunch box ideas at Weelicious so I trawled through the website and found some Vegetarian Baked Samosas

Otis folding vegetable samosa

Even though Otis made ours they still turned out just like the pictures. We used sweet potato in place of the russet potato and garlic paste replaced the garlic powder. They have a little turmeric and cumin in them so they are flavoursome but my kids loved them. And they so easy for kids to make - all of the brushing with butter and folding is really fun. We will definitely make them for school lunches in the future. 

Otis made vegetable samosa at How we Montessori

Today was Good Friday and it was just fantastic. We enjoyed the day in, being lazy and doing a little baking and it was sooo good. 

Easter 2016 at How we Montessori Easter Table

I hope you have a lovely Easter!  

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