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Around Here - Language Work at Four Years (almost Five!)

Word find at How we Montessori 'ch'

A treasure hunt - we look around the house to find items that match the phonogram in this case 'ch'. Chocolate milk, cheese, chair (from Otis' dollhouse), chalk, chicks, chicken, cheetah and chimpanzee. 'I Spy' is a good game to play also. 

Otis using movable alphabet at How we Montessori using phonograms

We have a basket of items that match the phonograms Otis is currently learning. He can pull the items out of the basket and form the words. Otis is using the Movable Alphabet and Phonogram Alphabet side by side.

Movable Alphabets at How we Montessori red, blue and phonograms

Montessori three part cards have been a big part of Otis' language work at home (three part 'sh' cards available here). This is consolidation work and also expands his vocabulary. We find three part cards enjoyable and I believe it's because we wait until we know Otis will have some success, they are not too hard and not too easy. Otis also likes using them as he can use them to demonstrate his knowledge. You can see Otis using the three part 'or' cards here

Montessori Three Part Cards Language Materials at How we Montessori, learning phonograms 'sh'

Montessori Phonogram Alphabet and Three Part Cards are c/o Maitri Learning

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