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Comparison of Reggio Emilia, Waldorf (Steiner) and Montessori Preschool Classrooms

Reggio Inspired Classroom at KLA Schools of North Bay Village Preschool

I am interested in all forms of education. While we are a Montessori family I love components of and deeply appreciate alternative educational philosophies. I also love looking at classroom design which influences our home spaces. Here are three preschools from the Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and Montessori philosophies. All of the classroom environments change as the children get older, these are only examples for the preschool years. I have also tried to show really beautiful and authentic spaces. 

Above is a Reggio Emilia inspired classroom at KLA Schools of North Bay Village (United States). I get so much inspiration from this Reggio inspired blog - please check it out, you will love it for home and school ideas!

Highgate House School Waldorf Steiner International

Highgate House School, an International Steiner Waldorf Pre School (Hong Kong). I don't read a lot of Waldorf blogs but Happy Whimsical Hearts is beautiful (and Australian) and of course there is Sarah's lovely blog on Bella Luna Toys. 

Montessori School 2016

Peaceful Pathways Montessori Academy (United States). This is a really good blog about Montessori education.

This is an interesting educational comparison matrix at The Life-long Learner. There is also a good discussion about the different approaches at the Natural Parents Network. 

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