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Kids in the Kitchen - Back to Basics

Milling flour kids in the kitchen at How we Montessori

We tried milling our own flour a couple of weeks ago. Today we decided to make it easier and put the grain mill at the kids low kitchen prep table. For these hand crank devices it's much easier for Otis if he can stand on the floor, he has more leverage. This is a really valuable experience teaching children where food comes from. 

Milling spelt flower at How we Montessori Hand Crank Mill

We are using organic spelt grain and it makes flour really quickly. 

Hand Crank Mill, Otis 4 years milling flour at How we Montessori

I've been looking around for an affordable mill and in the end decided on this one. We are going to continue to make our own fresh flour this way.

Otis at How we Montessori Hand Crank Juicer Cold Press

The boys have also been using this hand crank cold press juicer. It is so quick and easy to use and the juicer is super affordable - it's a great find. Our juicer is from here (similar here). It sticks to the table really well and the kids can use it independently, although they need help with clean up! Both the grain mill and juicer would be fantastic materials to have in the classroom. 

Otis having cold press juice at 4 years practical life How we Montessori

Otis is four and it takes a bit of effort with the apples and carrots but he makes a cup of juice in a few minutes. Caspar is eight and he uses it with ease. 

Otis Cold Press Hand Crank Juicer

We have also been making Ebelskivers which are delicious! What about you, what are your children currently enjoying in the kitchen? 

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