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Montessori Specific Songs and Music!

There are so many wonderful songs which have over the years become a part of Montessori traditions. While it's difficult to find one source for these songs here are a few that my children enjoy. 

I absolutely adore this song Light a Candle for Peace by Shelley Murley, you can find her Montessori Minute Melodies album here or here on iTunes


Otis is always singing this one. The Continents Song at Montessori 101 (listen to the follow up lesson ideas!). This is a wonderful performance of The Continents Song by Nina


I couldn't find the exact Montessori Birthday Celebration Song - The Earth Goes Around the Sun as I know it but this one is pretty close. Each school seems to sing it slightly differently. Here is a little more detail about the birthday walk. 


The awesome The Maria Montessori Song performed by Not Twins. I've heard children sing this and haven't been able to work out the words, the lyrics are in the show more section here


For a bit of fun this is Montessori Mom. I only found this today but I love it, it's brilliant. Again the lyrics to follow along are in the show more section here. Congratulations to the Moms who perform in this! 


Not specifically Montessori but I really must include this song that Otis is just crazy about. I've Got Peace in My Fingers (so catchy) by Susan Salidor. 


There are a few albums made especially for Montessori classrooms, often by Montessori teachers or parents. We are Montessori Kids… we are Montessori, listen to our story…  by Generation Gap, this song and more on iTunes.


There are a few song on this album that we like. The themes in this album are really good. In addition to the song below Otis also likes I Can Do It


This is a good song for walking the line activities. With songs like Metal Insects, My Montessori Classroom and One Pink Tower I can't wait to listen to this CD (thank you to Julie on Facebook for the recommendation). I also know of a Montessori Peace Rose song, let me know if you have a link to it. 

Please share your favourite Montessori songs! 

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