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World Wall Map Inspiration

Wall map inspiration at How we Montessori

1. Oh Happy Day - featuring this wall paper wall map, 2. Wallpaper Mural Ideas, 3. HGTV, 4. Geosafari Wonder World Wall Map Set, 5. Children's Illustrated World Map and 6. Decowall World Map Wall Stickers 

Caspar's previous Cycle Two classroom in Canberra has a huge world wall map. I love it and think it is such a good idea in the Cycle Two Classroom (6-9 years). 

Since seeing this bedroom in Oh Happy Day I've really wanted a world wall map for our home too. I found a lovely map on sale and put it up in the boys' bedroom. Ours is a wall sticker, it is really easy to apply and move around a little if necessary. The room at Oh Happy Day has a red bunk and we have a orange bunk so I was really going for a similar look. However once the map was up I didn't want to put the bunk in front of it, I wanted to keep the map completely clear. I wanted to use the map as a learning tool not just as decor. I love that as far as I know it is correct and gives the child the perspective of viewing Earth from space. Amazing for learning geography. 

Over the weekend Otis used some Animals of the World work which is based on continents (pictured below). I love the idea of mapping our travels, the boys can see where their dad is currently located and when he travels, we can point out where friends live and there is so much potential for not only learning about animals but oceans, rivers, mountains, flags, languages and so much more. 

As much as I adore wall world maps, a map this large isn't necessary. For years we used this smaller (and political) world map and it was fantastic and we used it so often for the boys to point out or to locate something. 

A globe (we also have a continents globe), a child's atlas and a world map (even a paper one with blu tack on the wall) are wonderful learning tools for young children. 

This is a nice idea at Noor Janan Homeschool. I love a good DIY continents map. This is a great example of a well travelled family  - Rage Against the Minivan have pinned all the places they have been to on their wall map. 

Otis doing Animals of the World Word on Wall World Map at How we Montessori March 2016

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