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I found out about this Montessori concept years ago (thanks to Eve) but it wasn't until this week that I printed this calendar and introduced it to my children. La poutres du temps - the time beam is an excellent, concrete way of introducing a child (or a classroom) to the concept of days, months and years. It is a linear calendar. Our calendar is three meters long and the entire year is presented horizontally along the wall (we have ours in a passage way). The child can see the entire year in front of them! It is a great... Read more →

Above and below the environment of the child from birth to 3 years at Montessori International School of Athena. Above shelving and play-space at Odrai blog. This is a really lovely site! Above a multi age home learning space at Montessori Fi Bayti. Above an infant area at Familyandco blog, please click through to see more of this space including a cute corner with a wall mirror. Montessori at home example at Healthy Beginnings Montessori. I hope you enjoy these gorgeous Montessori spaces! Read more →

We tried milling our own flour a couple of weeks ago. Today we decided to make it easier and put the grain mill at the kids low kitchen prep table. For these hand crank devices it's much easier for Otis if he can stand on the floor, he has more leverage. This is a really valuable experience teaching children where food comes from. We are using organic spelt grain and it makes flour really quickly. I've been looking around for an affordable mill and in the end decided on this one. We are going to continue to make our own... Read more →