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Puzzles - Why we love them and how we use them (at 4 years).

Ravensburger Tropical Friends Puzzle at How we Montessori Child.com.au

Otis has always enjoyed puzzles and working with his hands. When he turned four we started using Ravensburger Puzzles. They have such a wide selection of puzzles that are life like and many of them are really beautiful. Child.com.au recently asked if we would like to try some of their Ravensburger Puzzles and of course we jumped at the chance.

All of these puzzles are suggested for 4+ years and I have found their age recommendations spot on. Above is the Tropical Friends Puzzle (60 pieces) which I love for the colour, the child's attraction to the natural environment including animals and that it is beautiful. 

Ravensburger Airport Puzzle for 4 Year olds

Above is the Busy Airport Puzzle (35 pieces). This puzzle is perfect for the inquisitive mind of my four year old. Otis really likes to look at what is going on and airports are really interesting places. We already have this Trash Removal Puzzle and it's been a favourite for 8-9 months (it is two puzzles and 2 x 24 pieces), Otis is still fascinated with garbage trucks and all of the moving parts.

This is a really typical set up for us. I often present puzzles in a tray like this stored on open shelving. Otis doesn't always finish a puzzle in one sitting so I love that in the tray he can leave it or move it around.  He can use it on the floor or table. In this case the puzzle fits perfectly in the tray. 

Otis doing Ravensburger Dinosaur Puzzle at How we Montessori

Above and below Otis is using the Dinosaur Playground Puzzle (35 pieces). We also have Primeval Giants Puzzle (2 x 24 pieces). While Otis isn't obsessed with dinosaurs the way some children are, he still loves playing with them and they are of interest to him. Again I love that these puzzles are as realistic as they can be and they are attractive without being cartoonish.

Ravensburger Puzzles at How we Montessori c: o Child.com.au

I've mentioned it before but Otis loves to work on a floor table and this Ikea table is absolutely perfect. It allows him to sit on the floor in a way that we often see in a Montessori classroom. It's our home version of the Montessori chowki! It is a really flexible option which is perfect for so much work including for doing puzzles! 

Child.com.au is currently offering a 20% discount on all Ravensburger puzzles using the code RAVE until 10th March 2016. Please visit Child.com.au for further details. 

For readers in the US I recommend Tropical FriendsBusy Airport, Waste Collection, Dinosaur Playground, Dinosaur Times, Construction Crowd and Railway Station

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