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Some Beautiful Montessori Spaces ...

Vue d’une partie de la chambre du jeune enfant.

Above and below the environment of the child from birth to 3 years at Montessori International School of Athena.

Lycee International Montessori #1


Above shelving and play-space at Odrai blog. This is a really lovely site!

Le Blog Montessori Bienveillance Le Nido

Above a multi age home learning space at Montessori Fi Bayti.

Above an infant area at Familyandco blog, please click through to see more of this space including a cute corner with a wall mirror. 

Healthy Beginnings Montessori at Home example kitchen area

Montessori at home example at Healthy Beginnings Montessori

I hope you enjoy these gorgeous Montessori spaces! 

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