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A Few New Things

Otis reading How we Montessori April 2016

It is starting to cool down and today we stayed at home. The boys spent the day either curled up with a book or at the art table. Otis is reading Green; it's not a new book, but it's really beautiful. It's interesting to see his current reading choices. He is selecting a lot of books that he has memorised or that he can read himself. Caspar is reading chapter books, and it's becoming harder to find suitable yet interesting fiction for him. For non-fiction, he still loves books about history and human evolution. Evolution: The Human Story is a current favourite. 

It's been cold enough for Otis to wear his Vegan Moccasins (pictured above) from Soft Star Shoes - they are so cozy and warm. I think we all need a pair!

After my recent post about Montessori music, we have been listening to the CD Taking My Dog to Dinner. It's fantastic! So many Montessorish songs like Metal Insects, My Montessori Classroom, Walkin' on the Line and Get My Continental Drift?. It was a little expensive to ship to Australia, but if you are in the US I highly recommend it. It is easy for the kids to sing along to. 

I have been pouring over this French site No Milk Today. It is a subscription service but contains lots of lovely images and Montessori ideas. 

Nitdia recently wrote to me to share a Linear Calendar, Seasons Wheel (downloads are available in English) and a fabulous real size printable Skeleton. You can read more on her site 3 Macarrons. I've printed the skeleton and love it. 

A friend recently emailed me this article (I love the photograph) 10 Things you can do at home to support the development of your child's movement. It's a really good article for parents of infants. 

I hope you have a great weekend!