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Montessori through the years - Otis turns five!

Gifts for Otis' 5th Birthday

Otis' 5th birthday

1. Rain coat, 2. Mini Kanken Backpack (US link here, the mini size is perfect for Otis and he has used this size bag as his school bag since he was three), 3. Toobs Sharks, 4. Toobs Coral Reef,  5. OCEAN: A Photicular Book, 6. Life Cycle of a Green Sea Turtle (for Toobs and Safari products plus so much more in Australia I use Mini Zoo - their service is super fast). 

Otis' birthday is coming up and we are celebrating with an under the water / ocean theme. Otis loves everything about the ocean, he loves sharks and starfish and shells. Along with a small party we are taking him to the aquarium. We haven't been to the aquarium before so we are all super excited.

I haven't put together a gift guide in a while, if you would like a Montessori inspired gift guide for five year olds let me know (this is a really old post here). Otis hasn't asked for any particular gifts or toys so we are giving him a few things he needs (like a rain coat and a new back pack) and to continue with the ocean theme we are giving him some Toobs and a Sea Turtle Life Cycle Set. We are also giving Otis this fantastic Photicular book about the Ocean, I can't wait for him to see it.  

I hope you have a great weekend!