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Hammering - with real tools

Otis hammering at How we Montessori April 2016

We've tried a few woodworking books and kits before but they haven't sparked any interest in Otis. I've seen many toddlers interested in hammering nails into wood blocks, but now Otis is at the age where the work needs to be more purposeful and it needs to come from within. Today we visited Reverse Garbage. They have a wonderful selection of wood off cuts with many sizes and so many types of wood. It was fantastic. Otis filled his bag so full he could hardly carry it. 

Once we got home, we dug out our little hammers, some nails, and some eye protection. Otis knew what he wanted to make, and it was purposeful. I am pleased that he was able to come to this himself and that he is learning a new skill. This was his first time with a real hammer and real nails. 

Otis hammering with real hammer and nails at How we Montessori

No fingers were harmed. Although we quickly learned which was the harder wood. Some wood pieces split, so there is a lesson in that too. All of the wood pieces were so nice; they could be sanded and used as play blocks. 

Otis going through timber from Reverse Garbage Queensland

The boys used some glue too. Otis made a building, a computer, and a camera. 

The hammering was much harder than it looks, it was really a lesson in strength, working at maximum effort and patience!

Otis hammering camera at How we Montessori

We will keep our tub of wood pieces in our art area, and hopefully, we will see some more hammering soon.

I'd love to know if you have tried hammering with your children!

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