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Isn't it great when you go out and find some fresh inspiration! Last weekend we went to the Northey Street Market for the first time. I am surprised when I talk to Brisbane locals who haven't tried this market, it is so good. In addition to the organic food market they have a gorgeous garden and children's natural play area. The boys loved this artwork on the fence above. They really wanted to try it at home. Both children have recent experience with hammering, and we thought we would have some suitable wood off cuts to use. Unfortunately, our wood... Read more →

Today we are collaborating with eat South Bank to introduce you to our favourite, family-friendly places to eat at South Bank (Brisbane) and to share with you their fabulous Mother's Day promotion. The prize is valued at $450 and includes vouches to our favourite places!! It's a great prize, you can read more about our day out at South Bank here and enter the competition here. We LOVE to visit South Bank! It’s such a central, iconic location. It is the perfect place to take children. We love visiting the Queensland Museum and the QAGOMA. South Bank is also a... Read more →

Tonight Caspar (8yrs) made dinner independently, and I'm so proud I wanted to share with you! We were home late; it was raining and dark, and I didn't feel like cooking. We talked about what we would like to have, and Caspar suggested Quiche. We cook it all the time; it's easy and tasty, and there is usually enough for school lunches for the next day. I gave Caspar the recipe and stayed nearby. He doesn't like using the oven, so that was the only part he needed help with, he can turn the oven on and put the food... Read more →

You may remember my last comparison post of Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and Montessori Preschool Classrooms. This is a visual comparison but for the primary years. I can feel warmth from each of these examples. Again I've chosen beautiful rooms that are true to the philosophy they represent. Often we think of these philosophies in relation to early education centres but all three can go right up to high school. Although high schools can be hard to find and there are many more preschools and primary schools around. The indoor classroom is only one component of these educational philosophies however I... Read more →

Flockmen are a timeless wooden stacking toy. They are really easy going, you can use them as you like. I have shown Otis how they can be stacked and suggested some ways in which they can be used. But like most children he plays with them just as he likes! We received a set of Flockmen for review and honestly, it's a pleasure to have them in our home. This is the set of 32 and they come in a drawstring bag for storage. The Flockmen are nice and smooth and have a natural wooden feel. They are a wonderful... Read more →

How was your week? This week Caspar and Otis started Circus lessons. It is a class that they can take together, and it's held at their school, which makes it really convenient. Otis said it was the best thing ever! It was outside on a large mat. I love that they are out in the fresh air. They do lots of jumping, balancing, using hoops, balancing plates, juggling, tumbling and somersaults. I can see that it will be really good for their confidence, body strength, flexibility, and coordination. Otis has been enjoying Zingo (pictured above). I thought about getting him... Read more →

I love being able to share with you some of our most used toys and materials. Today we are using the Real World Geometric Shapes. Both of my children enjoy these and they are good value as they can be used in so many ways. There are eight different, clear, plastic, shapes in this set. One side of each shape is a removable lid. The set comes with 24 durable inserts. The inserts can be switched around and are designed to look like real life items. For example, the cylinder looks like a can; the cone looks like an ice... Read more →

I have written similar posts to this, but this post is just for THREE-year-olds!! What can a three-year-old do in the kitchen? Oh so much! They can do much more than we think they are capable of. Here are a few ideas. Using an apple slicer (similar slicer). Washing dishes. Cooking with heat - using a fry pan or skillet. Cracking eggs! A favourite in our home! Cutting and chopping. Growing sprouts (we love and use this the small biosnacky sprouter). Cracking nuts (olive wood nut cracker). Making butter (using a butter maker jar). Putting dishes away (in their own... Read more →

1. Volcano, 2. Glow in the Dark - Solar System, 3. Reading is Rad, 4. Whales, 5. Planets - Space, 6. List of Tree Species (tree species names written in the shape of a tree! I love this idea.), 7. 'Hi' Alphabet, 8. 'Green' Tee in English, German and Swedish, 9. 'Red' Tee in English, Spanish and French, 10. Animal Collective Nouns, 11. Earth Goes Around the Sun... Last week I ordered a couple of t-shirts for the boys from Etsy. I really wanted to show you some of my favourite Montessorish, sciencey, educational finds! Caspar wears and loves this... Read more →

It is starting to cool down and today we stayed at home. The boys spent the day either curled up with a book or at the art table. Otis is reading Green; it's not a new book, but it's really beautiful. It's interesting to see his current reading choices. He is selecting a lot of books that he has memorised or that he can read himself. Caspar is reading chapter books, and it's becoming harder to find suitable yet interesting fiction for him. For non-fiction, he still loves books about history and human evolution. Evolution: The Human Story is a... Read more →

Are you expecting a baby or setting up a Montessori infant room? Here are a few ideas and suggestions for the environment for a 3-6-month-old child. The Child The child is in the period of the absorbent mind. They are absorbing and getting impressions from everything in their environment. We want their room to be ordered, to be clean, safe and beautiful. The child is beginning to do intentional and coordinated work with their hands and possibly hand to hand transfer. They are observing their hands coming together. Reaching out and grasping is a big part of their work. They... Read more →

We've tried a few woodworking books and kits before but they haven't sparked any interest in Otis. I've seen many toddlers interested in hammering nails into wood blocks, but now Otis is at the age where the work needs to be more purposeful and it needs to come from within. Today we visited Reverse Garbage. They have a wonderful selection of wood off cuts with many sizes and so many types of wood. It was fantastic. Otis filled his bag so full he could hardly carry it. Once we got home, we dug out our little hammers, some nails, and... Read more →

I look for a Montessori apron that fits the child, is aesthetically pleasing and is easy for the child to put on and take off independently. There are many aprons available but handmade is nice too. Most aprons can be made with minimal sewing skills. Here are a few Montessori apron designs with patterns and tutorials. Above is the Montessori Children's Apron at Sew Liberated. Perhaps the most popular Montessori apron pattern of all! The elastic neckline and velcro waist closure makes this fantastic for independence even for a very young child. Pull On Art Smock at Work Pray Sew.... Read more →

Did you have a good weekend? We spent our Sunday at the museum and art gallery. One of our favourite exhibits was on it's last day. I always feel sad when an exhibit closes but also excited for what new may come. The boys are still on school holidays so this will be another busy week for us. Here are some fantastic rooms, not all of them are strictly Montessori but they all have Montessori elements. Above is a lovely room from Bright, Bohemian Home at A Cup Of Jo. I love the low shelving, instruments and book area! Such... Read more →

Just a short note before I sign off for the week. The boys are on school holidays and I love the freedom of roaming the city with no where to be. Today we visited a wonderful children's book store. You can see Otis above reading in the tree house. We left with a pile of books for endless school holiday reading. On the way home we stopped in for some delicious baked donuts. Such a good day. I also wanted to share the cutest playdough set Otis received for his birthday. It's adorable (it feels and smells incredible) and I... Read more →