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Montessori Infant Room 3-6 months - an overview.

Montessori Infant Room 3-6 months How we Montessori

Are you expecting a baby or setting up a Montessori infant room? Here are a few ideas and suggestions for the environment for a 3-6-month-old child. 

The Child

The child is in the period of the absorbent mind. They are absorbing and getting impressions from everything in their environment. We want their room to be ordered, to be clean, safe and beautiful. 

The child is beginning to do intentional and coordinated work with their hands and possibly hand to hand transfer. They are observing their hands coming together. Reaching out and grasping is a big part of their work. They are ready for the sensory, tactile experiences of various fabrics, rattles and balls. Rattles allow the child to experience the physical sensation of holding something in their hands; they allow the child to grasp, to let go, to shake and feel cause and effect. This is important for the developing human intelligence including myelination, and activation of the muscles of the arm, hand and fingers.

The child is beginning to move and slither, or commando crawl. They need the opportunity to move (freedom of movement), to reach a toy or to get to the other side of the room (being able to see and access their materials/toys on the low shelving). The child has greater control of their body and observing movement (wall mirror) is important.

The child has greater control of their head and can look around to observe their surroundings. They begin to visually map their room. They can look up and see the materials on the shelf and artwork on the walls. The child is developing spatial awareness and features such as an unobstructed view (floor bed) and being able to see their entire room can assist with this. 

The Environment

Floor bed, board books (or fabric or other suitable books), low shelving, developmentally appropriate materials and toys, low hanging artwork, low chair, movement mat or play area, wall mirror, tactile mobiles (for batting or grasping).

Suggested Materials

Ball CylinderBell RattleBell on a RibbonRing on a RibbonBell RattleVarious Rattles, Triangles, Rattle RingSkwish, Teether ToyWooden Bead RattleInterlocking DiscsWooden Teething Toys, Teething Rings, Teething BallsSoft Balls, Textured Balls, Puzzle Ball, Mini Playsilk

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