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HWM Art Shelves April 2016

Our art area needed a tidy up and a bit of a refresh. I needed to make space for some new materials and decided to add more shelving. Otis received some watercolour pencils for his birthday. When I showed him how to use them (with water and a brush) his face lit up, so good and such a new experience. As my children have been enjoying collage I've included some new collaging materials and a more organised way of storing paper (forever the challenge!). 
How we Montessori collaging shelf

The collaging materials are stored in glass jars (we use these and these). Our paper is stored in the Ikea Birch Letter Tray and the smaller pieces of paper and scrap pieces are stored above it in this Ikea clear container. Here are some of the ways we have been using the new materials. 

Otis collaging with black frame at How we Montessori

Featuring; Craft Shapes, Mosaic Shapes (squares), Glitter Stars, Multicoloured Sequins, Strong Craft Glue, Paste Brushes, Glass Storage Jars (with clip top), Mixed Media Paper and PreCut Art Frame c/o Child.com.au

Above Otis is collaging with various materials in a precut art frame. I love the idea of presenting the child with the paper in a frame. I think it changes the way the child approaches the work. This art work is very abstract, I think Otis was just loving the process. 

Drawing on animal habitats at How we Montessori

Featuring; Animal Habitats Paper c/o Child.com.au.  

Otis is drawing with a black marker on some animal habitat paper (not surprisingly he is drawing jelly fish an octopus and a sea snake). On the reverse side of the paper there are four really clear and beautiful images of animals. This paper is open ended and can be used in so many ways, good for story creation. 

How we Montessori Collaging with Adhesive Metallic Squares_edited-1

Featuring; Holographic Paper and Adhesive Metallic Paper c/o Child.com.au

Above both boys are collaging (inspired by Lois Ehlert) using adhesive metallic paper and holographic paper. You can't see in the photograph but the fish and the water are all metallic, shiney and reflective. It looks awesome and a little different to collaging with plain or coloured paper. The adhesive backing makes it easier to use and I think would be good for younger children who love to snip and make their own stickers. 

Whenever we refresh the art area there is always a renewed interest in creating! It's fun and fantastic!

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