Montessori Infant Room Newborn (Birth to Three Months) - An Overview
Eight Awesome Montessori Families to Follow on Instagram

Around here - in pictures

Otis school weaving whale at How we Montessori

Around here in pictures. Some cute threading from school.

HWM Otis watering his parsley plant

Otis' new plant and freshly painted pot. 

A Beetle is Shy at How we Montessori Aston and Long

Loving A Beetle Is Shy. Also loving The Vegetables We Eat which is just a wonderful, beautiful book - if you are a Montessori teacher look this one up because I think it's perfect for the classroom. 

Miss Rhonda's Readers at How we Montessori Language Work

Reading and sorting. Handmade vowel pouch c/o Miss Rhonda's Readers.

Hand Carved Wooden Stamps at How we Montessori #

We have been using and experimenting with beautiful handcrafted wood block stamps.

Caspar's flowers at HWM

Lovely flowers!

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