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What we are reading May 2016 at How we Montessori

Otis, my five-year-old, often likes not only to read books but to act them out, to role play with them. He loves lego, his play house, and puppets and often uses these to act out a book he is reading. This has to be important for his development! I also try to find relevant items to explore but also to help with role play with special books or books that we are reading a lot. When this happens, I will usually present the book and materials in a tray on our shelves or sometimes in the boys' bedroom. The items we use varies a lot but here are a few of our current ideas;

  • Natural Items - feathers, leaves, sticks, shells, rocks 
  • Model Animals (TOOB, Schleich, Collecta), Life Cycle Sets
  • Colour Samples
  • Toy Trucks and other vehicles (planes, garbage trucks)
  • TOOB Sets (the flower set is one of our favourites)
  • Living Things (I would love to have the Fish book near out fish tank or one of our Leaf books by our indoor plants)
  • Science Materials - a torch, light crystal, magnets.

Sources; Feathers: Not Just for Flying, Light (My First Discoveries), Digger, Green, Montessori External Parts Books, Little Honeybee (lift the flap) with Flowers

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