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Montessori Gift Ideas for Two Years at How we Montessori

I only have one nephew. My boys only have one cousin. We might be a bit extravagant with gifts, but he is worth it. When buying gifts for my nephew, I usually stay true to Montessori. My sister is very interested in childhood development, so hopefully our Montessori gifts are appreciated - and used!

My nephew is turning two this week! How do they grow up so fast? My nephew also shares his birthday with my husband; it makes it easier to remember them both!  

So these are the gifts we are giving him for his birthday. We have ordered direct from here (they have free shipping across Australia for orders over $100). 

1. Toddler Indoor Broom (this is the perfect size for a young toddler), 2. Child's Cleaning Cloth, Child's Dishwashing Brush, 3. Dinosaur Nail Brush, 4. Children's Dustpan Brush and Pan, 5. Red Shovel and 6. Children's Bucket (available with a shovel here). 

Available in Europe from here. For similar products in the US I suggest; The Wooden Wagon Mini Dish BrushGreen Sprouts Nail Brush, Child's Dustpan and Brush, Small Children's Pail

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