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How we Use Essential Oils - with Children.

How we Montessori How we use essential oils in our home - vapouriser

We use massage, yoga, guided meditation in our home and we also love to use essential oils. Here are some of the ways we use essential oils at home with our children. This is written in partnership with ECO.Modern Essentials (available in the US here). 

  • Bath - we use a couple of drops in a carrier oil.
  • Bath Salts - if used in the bath, it is really important that children do not ingest the water, we add a couple of drops to epsom salts.
  • Massage - in a carrier oil.
  • Room Spray (or Pillow Spray) - we have two bottles, one with a 'dream' blend the other with a 'happy' blend, we add a couple of drops to distilled water in a small spray bottle (you can add alcohol such as vodka to disperse the oil). We often use our dream blend as a pillow spray, which is also fantastic when travelling (and to create a comforting home smell), however be careful as some oils may stain. 
  • Vaporisation - we use a cool ultrasonic vaporiser, this is our most used option! It makes the whole room smell dreamy! 
  • Play-dough - mix a couple of drops into the dough. 

We also have a little vaporiser that can be used in my laptop or in the car. I also love to use candles made with essential oils. 

Otis with vaporiser ultrasonic at How we Montessori with dream blend

We use lavender and dream blends the most. However I also love to use lemon and orange. We use essential oils for relaxation and for creating calm, for clearing our minds and for reducing stress. Here are a few of our favourite oils and blends;

  • Lavender - an excellent all rounder, calming and relaxing, to encourage sleep.
  • Lemon, Orange, Mandarin - helps with concentration and focus, stimulating for the mind. I love all citrus and find it uplifting and refreshing.
  • Spearmint -  refreshing and sweet scent, stimulating and uplifting. 
  • Dream Blend: Lavender, Geranium and Ylang Ylang - to encourage a restful sleep.
  • Happy Blend: Orange, Lavender, Patchouli and Rose - to promote calm, wellness and happiness.  

We recently used Grapefruit, Lemon and Peppermint in play dough and it was wonderful! Some essential oils are not suitable when pregnant or for infants and young children. Check with your supplier or medical practitioner if unsure. I use small quantities with children, not adult doses, using a carrier oil is important, I do not apply essential oils direct on the skin. Do not ingest essential oils. Always consult with a medical or aromatherapy professional or practitioner for advice using essential oils with an existing medical condition, such as high blood pressure. 

ECO.Aroma at How we Montessori Australia Made Essential Oils

It is really important to use quality essential oils from companies we trust. ECO.Modern is Australian made and is available in the US here

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