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Montessori Open Close Activities for Children 1-2 Years

Matching Games and Toys for Children 2-4 Years.

Montessori Matching Toys for children 2-4 years at How we Montessori


We know that matching and sorting games are really important for the child's developing cognitive skills. The child learns visual, auditory and tactile discrimination. In many cases the child is also learning shape and colour recognition and developing lots of practical and fine motor skills. There are millions of toys available and sorting through them can be difficult.

Here are some of our most used, most recommended, fun, matching and sorting toys for children two to four years. Keep in mind these are not Montessori materials but rather toys I would recommend for a Montessori home or playgroup, and many of these would be suitable for Montessori toddler environments. This is written in partnership with

1. Egg Shape Sorter, 2. Shapes Wooden Memory, 3. Wooden Matching Game Patterns, 4. Cylinder Peg Board, 5. Matching Textures Bag, 6. Feel and Find Game, 7. Pattern Blocks and Boards, 8. Touch and Match, 9. Wooden Match N Shapes Game, 10. Colours and Shapes Game, 11. Florist Matching Game (also love the Happy Birds Matching Game), 12. Sound Matching Gem Blocks, 13. Magnetic Match Rings, 14. International Flag Matching Game, 15. Feelings and Emotions Matching Pairs, 16. Baby Animal Matching Game 17. Soundtracks (CD and sound matching game). 

(Sources US; 1. Similar Egg Sorter, 3. Similar Wooden Matching Game Patterns, 4. Different but similar concept Shape Sequence Sorting Set 5. Matching Textures Bag, 6. Feel and Find Game also similar Match and Feel Game, Feel and Find Play Set, 7. Pattern Blocks and Boards, 8. Similar Tactile Touch and Match, Touch and Match Board, 10. Colors and Shapes Game, 13. Magnetic Match Rings, 17. Soundtracks.)

I hope you have a great weekend! 

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