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Eight Awesome Montessori Families to Follow on Instagram

  Montessori families to follow on Instagram

Do you want to read about eight awesome Montessori families to follow on Instagram? On some level I have connected with all of these families. These Instagram accounts capture the essence of Montessori in the home; they are peaceful, calm and inspiring. They make my heart sing! Check them out for yourself!

Our Montessori Life (Canada) - I am sure you have read Beth's blog and her Instagram account is lovely too. Beth is a Montessori teacher and she posts regularly about her Montessori life with her two children. 

Montessori Carrie (Canada) - Carrie owns a Montessori school however these glimpses are of her family life and the daily happenings with her daughter. 

The Kavanaugh Report (USA) - Nicole's Instagram is full of everyday life with a busy, active family. 

Emil Und Mathilda (Germany) - Raising two beautiful boys, lots of infant and toddler inspiration. 

La Semaine Montessori (France) - Lots of imagery of Montessori learning at home.  

Eltern vom Mars (Austria)  - Amazingly beautiful photographs!

Montessori on Mars (Philippines) - Mars posts lots of activity ideas and pictures of her home environment, she is such a loving and gentle parent and this really comes through. 

Planting Peas (Canada) - Elaine is homeschooling two boys (2 and 8 years old). I enjoy reading about what they are doing - I feel our children have similar interests! 

Of course, you can follow us here (Australia).

A few other Instagram accounts I am crazy about (but are not necessarily Montessori) include;

I Learn TooNaturally Curious ChildrenA Day in First Grade and The Work Space for Children.

If you love Instagram you might also be interested in Six Montessori Schools to Follow on Instagram. Please feel free to share your Instagram account or who you enjoy following. 

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