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A few Montessori articles I have been reading and enjoying this week;

  • I have been enjoying This Merry Montessori, which currently has a lot of Montessori at home ideas and concepts for a 14-month-old toddler.
  • I adore this wardrobe make over at Apartment Therapy. There is something very Montessori about it, especially the cozy reading nook and lowering and simplifying the child's clothing!  
  • What You'll See in a Great Montessori School at the Montessori Pedagogy Blog at Maitri Learning. Makes me realise that all the Montessori schools I've been fortunate enough to observe at have been great Montessori schools! 
  • "Creating space and time for refuge from an over-whelming, busy and noisy world – a world full of bling, demands and chatter – is a possibility and a gift we can give our children in our homes." This is a lovely article Creating Sanctuary at
  • When I found out Simone was moving, I couldn't wait to see her new classroom. Tour of a Montessori Toddler Classroom in Amsterdam (pictured above) at The Montessori Notebook. I love peeking into toddler classrooms, and this one is exceptional! Every picture is perfect!

Please feel free to leave a link to what you are reading!  

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