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Wood Pencil Holders - Montessori and Waldorf

I love organised, cute and colourful children's spaces! I also love wooden pencil holders. Some of these are specifically Montessori, and some are more Waldorf, but they are all fabulous for keeping order and looking after those lovely pencils!

In Montessori classrooms, pencils are often sorted by colour (1, 2, 3 - however 6 & 7 would be great DIY options). Pencils are often presented near materials or on a tray in little holders (4 & 5). These are useful when an activity only requires one pencil (handwriting) or two or more colours (metal insets). 

In a Montessori home, I would encourage many of the 'fun' options (8, 9, 11, 12, 13) as they ensure the pencils are stored in an orderly way, are looked after, easy to find, accessible and can also look really beautiful.  

Waldorf children often use handmade pouches, or pencil rolls (for young children crayons are favoured). These can be hand sewn or made with wool felt. I love the Waldorf focus of hand craft and using natural fibres and fabrics. Both philosophies encourage children to respect and care for their materials. For Waldorf style pencil holders (10 & 14) they are simple and natural and would look beautiful in any environment! Waldorf pencil holders are often designed to hold Lyra pencils, it's a good idea to check the size before ordering. 

1. Set of 11 Colored Pencil Holders (Montessori Outlet) / 2. Wooden Pencil Holders (Montessori Services), (similar in Australia) / 3. Set of 11 Colored Pencil Holders (Pink Montessori). 4. Montessori Holder Three Pencils / 5. Pencil Tray (Montessori Services) / 6. Unfinished Pencil Holder (Etsy) / 7. Wooden Pencil Holder (Absorbent Minds Montessori) / 8. Pencil Tree (Mon Petit Art) / 9. Wooden Pencil Holder (Etsy) / 10. Wooden Pencil Holder (Bella Luna Toys) / 11. Pencil Organiser (Etsy) / 12. Mouse Pencil Holder (The Wooden Wagon) / 13. Snake Pencil Holder (Nova Natural Toys) (also available here) / 14. Pencil Holder for 16 Colour Giants (Rudolf Steiner Book Centre)

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