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Currently Using - The Montessori Hundred Board.

Otis - Montessori Hundred Board at How we Montessori

At home, we have been using the Montessori Hundred Board. As Otis has been stumbling over some of his numbers when counting it's been really worthwhile. Since introducing this material, I've seen a huge improvement! 

We try not to have Montessori school materials at home but for us there are always a few exceptions!  

Otis looking at the numbers on the Montessori Hundred Board

I also really love the concept of the Montessori Hundred Board, it is a fantastic material to use, like most of the Montessori math materials it is hands on and works so well visually and just makes sense. It would work well with most curriculums and for home-schoolers.  

The Hundred Board is useful for number recognition, number sequencing, counting, patterning, possibly skip counting (depending on your method) most of all it's perfect for just reinforcing the understanding of numbers from one to one-hundred!

Montessori Hundred Board at How we Montessori

For Otis one-hundred seems like such a big number so when he gets to the end of this work he is so impressed with himself. He loves doing that last row and placing down the 100 tile! Such a sense of accomplishment. I love those little wooden tiles!

Montessori Hundred Board at Five Years at How we Montessori

The number tiles are also really useful and can be used in different ways. Initially, I didn't know the best way to store or present the number tiles. Now I've realised that sorting the number tiles is really important work for the child. So before using the board Otis sorts the tiles into tens (into groups not in exact order). However, I love all the examples below! I'd love to hear if you present it differently.

The number tiles are sorted into groups of ten in small glass jars at To the Lesson

The child sorts the number tiles next to the board into groups of ten at Montessori Album

The number tiles are sorted into groups of ten using a storage container at Planting Peas

Number tiles are sorted into groups of ten small containers at Just Montessori

Tell me, do you use the Montessori Hundred Board at home?

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