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Around here in pictures. Some cute threading from school. Otis' new plant and freshly painted pot. Loving A Beetle Is Shy. Also loving The Vegetables We Eat which is just a wonderful, beautiful book - if you are a Montessori teacher look this one up because I think it's perfect for the classroom. Reading and sorting. Handmade vowel pouch c/o Miss Rhonda's Readers. We have been using and experimenting with beautiful handcrafted wood block stamps. Lovely flowers! Read more →

We would love to have another child so Montessori infant rooms are still very much on my mind. If you are preparing for the birth of a baby or setting up an infant room here are a few ideas and suggestions. The Child The child is in the Symbiotic Period (the first 6-8 weeks). The child spends most of their time feeding or sleeping and for me, the focus of this time was building a relationship with my infant. While the environment is still important, my focus was on caregiving, handling and getting to know my little one. During this... Read more →

At home, we have been using the Montessori Hundred Board. As Otis has been stumbling over some of his numbers when counting it's been really worthwhile. Since introducing this material, I've seen a huge improvement! We try not to have Montessori school materials at home but for us there are always a few exceptions! I also really love the concept of the Montessori Hundred Board, it is a fantastic material to use, like most of the Montessori math materials it is hands on and works so well visually and just makes sense. It would work well with most curriculums and... Read more →

Louise Livingston, director of training at the Maria Montessori Institute, recently reported that (in the UK) there has been a 65 percent increase in parents wanting information about Montessori schooling compared to the same period last year. There has also been an increase of 45 percent in those looking to attend information sessions for Montessori teachers. Isn't this fantastic? We expect this increase is due to Prince George attending a Montessori Nursery, however, we know in Australia Montessori schools are already popular. I believe the interest in Montessori is really positive. It means we can raise awareness about the Montessori... Read more →

I only have one nephew. My boys only have one cousin. We might be a bit extravagant with gifts, but he is worth it. When buying gifts for my nephew, I usually stay true to Montessori. My sister is very interested in childhood development, so hopefully our Montessori gifts are appreciated - and used! My nephew is turning two this week! How do they grow up so fast? My nephew also shares his birthday with my husband; it makes it easier to remember them both! So these are the gifts we are giving him for his birthday. We have ordered... Read more →

What can you do to bring a little Montessori into your kitchen? The kitchen is such an important place in the home, we spend so much time in there and nutrition is important in raising healthy children. Here are three ideas to improve the child's independence and capabilities in the kitchen. 1. Provide the child with their own low drawer. A child can have their own drawer for their most used or favourite kitchen utensils. They can store their own plates, cups, spoons, whatever they need to access. If the drawer is organised, it makes it easy for the child... Read more →