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Awesome Educational Bath Toys!

Awesome Bath Toys at How we Montessori

Bathtime should be practical but with children, it can also be a bit of fun. We are intentional about all toys we bring into our home and bath toys are no exception. We rotate some of our bath toys with the materials on our water table however for most of these toys, the children have used them for years. 

Our favourite and most used bath toys include;

  • Model animals. We love the large Schleich whales and sharks. These are awesome bath toys and get used every day. We also love the octopus, rays, dolphins and other sea life. In recent times, smaller model animals such as the fish and starfish in Toob sets have become well used also. The model animals can teach the child so much about the world around them and allow for role play and so much more.  
  • Water pumps and water wheel. We have seriously used these for years. They will interest a toddler as much as they will interest a preschooler. Hand pumps and water wheels allow the child to splash around, have the sensory experience of water play without any stress about clean up and allow the child to naturally explore the properties of water. 
  • Toy boats. We rotate our boats with our water table and as all of our boats are wooden we need to be careful about drying them out. Toy boats are great for role play, exploring the properties of water, the structure of boats and learning about power. We have the wooden paddle boat that is powered by the rubber band and the boat powered by the balloon - these are both fantastic. We also have a wooden sail boat and the wooden raft with are great for general play but also for learning about wind! 

Other toys that we have used intermittently in the bath include; pipettes and a large plastic baster, small watering can, sieve, measuring cups, plastic pitcher, small spray and pump bottles, spoons, whisks and other household items. The boys have also used a bird warbler whistle, the one that requires water, in the bath too, they are lots of fun (just ensure the child is old enough they are not going to drink the bath water). 

There are also lots of novelty toys that have value too. I love the look of water flutes but haven't tried them. I would also love to find some natural bath crayons to try! Please feel free to add your favourite educational bath toys!

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