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My latest Montessori finds at Ikea

Friday links and things.

Otis playing animal tracks at How we Montessori

It's Friday and the boys' school had a student free day. The weather has been fantastic so we headed to South Bank for a swim. You can see lots of pictures from today here.  

I have been reading Helping young children with everyday transitions at Whole Family Rhythms. There are times when Otis struggles with the transition from school when it's time to go home. I've read every piece of advice I can find but I still can't work out what his triggers are. 

I love this idea for an Alphabet Box (on Etsy). Also on Etsy I love this  Children's Tool Set.

Junnifa is the best! Here is her wonderful article (with video) 10 benefits of food preparation with young children

Otis and I have been playing games on our deck after school, just as the sun is setting. Above we are playing a game called Animals Tracks and we have also been loving Into the Forest, Nature's Food Chain Game.  

Our new light table arrived today. I didn't buy one earlier as I didn't see the value and didn't want to pay a lot. I ordered this light table from Educating Kids as the price was fantastic. It's so streamline and bright. I've started setting up a little light table area, let me know if you have any great ideas, we will be using resources we already have. 

I have started writing for Montessori Shop (NZ), if you would like to read my articles sign up to their News and Updates (at the bottom of their page). Hopefully, you will find the information useful!

Below are some fantastic images from a Montessori inspired home in Japan. So, so lovely. Real examples are so helpful and refreshing.

Nicole - Montessori Japan #2

Nicole is raising her son bilingual - see the posters above! The low shelves, the weaning table, and chair were custom made. Aren't they gorgeous! I adore the little floor bed and the bookshelves nearby. Did you notice the Montessori themed fabric on the bed covering?

Montessori home, floor bed in Japan

Just the most perfect picture below of Nicole's son at eight months! 

Nicole - Montessori Japan #5
Thank you so much for sharing your spaces with us Nicole!! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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