What Can You Put in a Sensory Tray?
Why we use real (not plastic) plates, bowls and cups.

Fabulous Montessori Placemats

Fabulous Montessori Placemats, at How we Montessori

1. Easy Clean Montessori Placemat - M.VIta / 2. Placemat Set Vinyl - Montessori Design by Nuccia / 3. Placemat Blue (with matching napkin) - Michael Olaf / 4. Montessori Children's Placemat - Naturababy on Amazon / 5. Snack Placemat Nido and Todder - Montessoria Textiles / 6. Montessori Fabric Placemat - Etsy.

I love using handmade materials in our home. However I often lack the skills or the time to make all the materials we would like. Montessori Placemats are wonderful for toddlers learning to set the table. While I eventually made our own we also have the Easy Clean Montessori Placemat which is silicone and wipes clean and the Blue Placemat from Michael Olaf with the matching napkin which washes easily in the washing machine (although needs ironing). As many placemats are made for the weaning phase there may only be markings for a fork, spoon, plate and glass. Placemats for older children include a marking for a knife.

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