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Montessori Gift Ideas at Five Years - Science

Gift Ideas for Five Year Olds - Science , at How we Montessori

You know I love a good gift guide! When Otis turned five I promised a gift guide for five year olds (you can see the gifts we gave him here). The difficulty is, at this age, children have so many interests. At five I find children are exploring more about the world around them, showing more interest in animals, fossils, dinosaurs, plants, planets - science! So I've put together a gift guide for five year old's focusing on all things science! Any of these would be a wonderful addition to a Montessori home (or classroom)! 

1. Geography - World Globe / Kids Wold Atlas

2. Microscopy - Prepared Slides / Duo-Scope Microscope

3. Rocks and Minerals - Everything Rocks and Minerals / Natural Gemstones / Let's Go Rock Collecting

4. Physiology - Hear Your Heart / Stethoscope

5. Dinosaurs - Triceratops / Dinosaur! / Tyrannosaurus Rex 

6. Volcanoes - Volcanoes / Volcano Making Kit

7. Magnets - What Makes a Magnet? / Magnet 

8. Birds - Bird Feeder / Binoculars / Backyard Bird Guide

9. Butterflies - From Caterpillar to Butterfly / Butterfly Lifecycle Set / Butterfly Garden

10. Composting - Composting: Nature's Recyclers / See-Through Compost Container

11. Weather - Large Outdoor Thermometer / What Will the Weather Be?

12. Insects - Insect / Bug Viewer

13. Gardening - Kids Tool Set / How a Seed Grows / Pack of Sunflower Seeds

14. Science - Lab Set / The Curious Kid's Science Book

15. Skeleton - Human X-Rays / Mini Skeleton / Skeleton Floor Puzzle

16. Solar System - Big Book of Space / Inflatable Solar System

Some of these would be good gifts for friends too, some of them are not too expensive. I love the idea of a little book and a pack of seeds! I hope you find some fresh ideas and enjoy!

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