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Friday links and things.

Montessori Inspired Toddler Rooms - LOVE!!

Summer Play House Montessori Toddler Room

Montessori Toddler Room at Summersplayshouse. This is an excellent post showing why we use a floor bed; you can see this gorgeous little one crawling out of bed and over to her shelves to play! So cozy and with a few hand made touches too! 

Montessori Toddler Room at Finding Dutchland at HWM

So modern, I love this style! A Scandinavian Montessori toddler room at A Montessori Toddler Room of His Own at Finding Dutchland. This makes a floor bed look mainstream!

Show Me Montessori

How to create a Montessori inspired bedroom/playroom at Show Me Montessori. Make sure you click through - I think you might like this blog!  

Caspar and Otis' shared Montessori bedroom at How we Montessori

I have been asked about shared spaces, this is my boys' bedroom which they shared when Otis was 20 months and Caspar was 5 years old. They only used this room for sleeping, dressing and reading.  

Lauren Hartmann Montessori floor bed at HWM

Not so much about the room, this is a great personal story about using a Montessori floor bed at The Little Things We Do.

I also think this bedroom at Chroniques d'une globe-t├ęteuse is really cute!  You can see her previous room here - this is a lovely multicultural, multilingual Montessori family (living in the US) to follow! 

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