Current Craft Activities - at Five Years Old
Why we use a (Montessori) floor bed.

Our Montessori Play Areas (2-5 years).

Montessori work area at How we Montessori

I have been asked to post some Montessori playroom ideas. While I was putting together my thoughts I took a look at some of our play areas through the years. Our entire home is Montessori so we don't have any specific Montessori areas or a Montessori playroom. Often the children's bookshelves have been in their bedrooms, their blocks have been stored in seperate areas and we've always had a seperate art area. So the boys toys and things have been spread out around our home. Anyway, here are some images of our play spaces/work areas over the years. Each room features our Oeuf Mini Library (in Australia here) this was an expensive purchase but as you can see, it has been well used. To see in further detail you can click the links. These make me wish I took better pictures, wider angles with more detail, still there are lots of little ideas here!

Above A Montessori Home

Our Study at How we Montessori

Our Study.

Caspar's Room at How we Montessori

Caspar's Room (at four years). 

How we Montessori Shelves 2013

Feature Little One Magazine

I took a quick picture of the boys work area here today. Next week I will post a round up of some of my favourite Montessori playrooms and work areas. Please feel free to leave a link to your spaces if you would like to share.

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