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My latest Montessori finds at Ikea

Latest Finds Ikea at How we Montessori

Whenever I walk into Ikea I see so many possibilities. I have been interested in their new children's art (Mala), toy (Lattjo) and small furniture (Flisat) ranges! Have you seen them yet? They have a lot of new materials that would be great for a Montessori home. Otis and I visited on the weekend, here is what we picked up!  

Baskets and Trays

1. Viktigt Dish - Wouldn't this be lovely on the nature table! 

2. Viktigt Basket - Set of Two - The lids also make really lovely trays! Otis has his gems in the smaller lid and they look gorgeous. 

3. Besta Storage Box - I wish be bought more of these, they are soft and cozy feeling, really useful (and I love this yellow colour).   



4. Lattjo Tangram Puzzle 

5. Lattjo Elastics - For jumping games.

6. Lattjo Yoyo - This was Otis' pick. 

7. Pyssla Beads and Bead Shapes - These are not new but it is the first time we have used them. The boys have gone a little crazy for them! The beads on their own are good for threading activities. Great for fine motor skills. 


Art Materials

8. Mala Paint - For this price they are worth a try! 

9. Rymlig Napkin Holder - This was too cute to pass. We will use it in our art area to hold card, alternatively we could use it to hold the children's mail or envelopes!

10. Ikornnes Table Mirror - This is a great size for a child for observational drawings.

11. Mala Paintbrush Set - The best paint brushes, good shapes and really soft. We get a pack every time we visit. 

12. Mala Stamp Pen - Just for fun!

13. Mala Watercolour Box - A great, convenient set up, the cups and brushes fit underneath the paint. 

14. Mala Assorted Colour Paper - So practical, nice pack. 



15. Duktig Kitchen Utensil Set - Some cute and useful utensils for the kitchen and pretend play. 

16. Duktig Baking Set - We have lots of kitchen materials and I love this little set. 

17. Molger Step Stool - Otis is going to try and use this simple step stool in the kitchen (and put away his kitchen stand). 



18. Flisat Children's Table with Stool - The table has two tubs underneath, this is so useful!  Otis is five and it is a great size for him, his legs fit comfortably under it. I also like this book display from the same series. 

19. Flisat Children's Adjustable Desk - We didn't get this one, but I wanted to. It was in stock at our local store (Logan) however it wasn't on display and I wanted to see it in person. I would also really like to look at this new adjustable children's table


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