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My thoughts on the Light Table and how we are using it.

Otis vertical building on light table

Otis has been so sick today, we were unable to leave the house. Hopefully it will pass soon. So, I thought I would let you know how our light table is going. 

I really love the light table (source in Australia, and it's still on sale). It is round which I bought intentionally to go on this spare round table. It is super light and thin, it would be easy to put away. It is really bright, the room does not have to be darkened at all to be effective. I always thought they had to be in a dark room or with the lights off, but it is so bright it does not matter. 

Otis with light table geometric shapes

While using the light table has been a lot of fun it isn't an essential tool for our learning. I wouldn't have paid full price for it, getting it at a good price was key. It has been interesting. My kids haven't used a light table before so they have enjoyed playing and experimenting with it. It takes building with our Magformers (Australia here) to another level.

LIght table - glass stones at How we Montessori

Using glass stones to make patterns and shapes has been fun. 

Otsi using printed slides on LIght Table at How we Montessori

Using any transparencies is best on the light table. I printed these slides from Mr Printables. We previously used them in a white tray. They are easier to use on the light table and the mixing of colours is more obvious. So far these would have to be our most used materials on the light table. 

Animal Skeletons on the light table at How we Montessori

And of course our Animal X-Rays (Australia here) work brilliantly on the light table. I'm trying to keep an open mind on how we can use the light table in the future. It has a little spot where we will keep it out. I'm thinking of doing more art on it, perhaps some tracing, perhaps some painting on transparent paper. Please let me know if you have a light table and if you have any suggestions for us! 

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