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Accept Difference is a social awareness campaign fostering understanding about disability and inclusion on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. It is a home-grown media and education campaign to break down the stigma people with disability regularly experience in public and to foster a greater feeling of acceptance of difference among the broader community. The campaign is initiated by Early Connections, you can see a part of their... Read more →

Child-size furniture is really important in the Montessori environment and I know IKEA is accessible to many. So today I am sharing two IKEA children's tables we are currently using at home. Above Otis is using the FLISAT Children's Table. For toddlers, I would still recommend the smaller L√ĄTT (height is 45cms) but for around three to six years I think this table is a good fit. The table top... Read more →

The Colour Tablets are sensorial materials found in the Montessori 3-6 classroom. They assist with visual discrimination and perception of colours. They come in three boxes, Box One, Box Two and Box Three. The child moves progressively through the boxes starting with Box One. Box Three (as pictured) contains 63 colour tablets in seven graded shades of nine colours. I needed a bit of colour in my life today and... Read more →

It is clear that many parents don't know a lot about what goes on inside the Montessori classroom. There are, of course, parents who are very knowledgeable. So today, parent to parent, I thought I would briefly cover the five key learning areas in early Montessori. In the home, I am aware of these areas and before my children started school full time, I definitely looked over and ensured we... Read more →

Getting Otis his first digital camera was a big deal. He loves taking photographs and we wanted for him to have his own camera. Otis is five so we needed something super simple to use, that takes nice photographs. Like many Montessori families we wanted a 'real' camera not a 'kiddie' camera. We also wanted a camera with potential, that he could grow into and learn use the features. We... Read more →

We made a video - Montessori kitchen ideas and materials!

I am so often asked about kitchen activities and it just happens to be one of my favourite topics! I thought I would create a little video to show you the exact kitchen materials we use, many of these from toddlerhood. This video is a great start for parents and caregivers new to Montessori in the home. Otis wanted to make a video too. In this video he is demonstrating... Read more →

I love Etsy for so many reasons, there is always so much handmade goodness and inspiration. Here are some sweet Montessori finds. Wooden Alphabet Tracing Board, Cursive Lower Case / Solid Hardwood Moon Phases Puzzle Blue Whale Anatomy Cards / Open Pocket, Small Pouch (this store has lots of useful Montessori pockets and pouches) Flower Canvas Chart / Life Cycle Wheels for Nature Education (I love everything in this store!)... Read more →

Five Montessori Videos I am Loving Today.

Here are five Montessori videos I am loving today. Lots of variety here from toddlers to adolescence. I hope you find something useful! 1. Montessori School Education by Sprouts. This is a really clean, quick draw type video about Montessori, which is a great way of sharing and explaining Montessori to others. They also have a Waldorf video in the same series. Thank you to Fai for sharing this with... Read more →

"The sight of a twenty-two-month-old spreading biscuit dough with a rolling pin, using a cutter to form the shapes, and putting the biscuits into a hot toaster oven for baking, all without assistance or an un-toward incident, is a scene that is not soon forgotten. The look of pride and self-satisfaction on the child's face after such an accomplishment is a clear indication that inner development is taking place." -... Read more →

Montessori Training Center of Minnesota, Minnesota, United States via McGough. I have been looking at Montessori school kitchens for inspiration. Here are a few of my favourites! Athena Montessori Academy, Austin, Texas, United States via Huoarchitects. Brooklyn Heights Montessori School, Brooklyn, United States via MBB. Montessori School Waalsdorp, The Hague, The Netherlands via Archdaily. Little Earth Montessori, New Zealand via Don Jamieson Architecture. Otrada International Montessori Center, Russia (you can... Read more →

Caspar is here today to talk a little about his favourite books! Caspar is eight years old, he mostly reads non-fiction. He is in Cycle Two at Montessori School (he would be in Grade 4). These are the books he currently keeps next to his bed and stays up late reading! 1001 Inventions That Changed the World It has 1001 inventions that made the world how it is. I found... Read more →

Photo via: Crumb Bums: A Sneak Peek into the Montessori Classroom Today I wanted to share a few things I have been reading and thinking about! Do you have an interest in autism? I have really enjoyed reading montessori4autism. It is such a positive site packed full of information on ASD and Montessori. I've been looking for an example like this! An advanced practical life exercise where the child completes... Read more →

Living in small spaces mean something different to everyone. Jasmine from Three Minute Montessori lives in Singapore and has a few tips for creating a Montessori environment in a small apartment. She has created one entire room (the nursery) that is baby proof and has little corners throughout the home also for the children, areas where they can participate and work. She has used as much vertical space as possible... Read more →

This post feels like an over-share, but here we go! The boys' wardrobe was a little out of control and today I decided it was time to tidy it up! While it is easy for the children to access and put their clothes away, there is no order here. Usually I am happy if the children put their clothing in the baskets but at the moment they have too much... Read more →

Today we went to the Dinosaur Discovery exhibit at the Queensland Museum! Have you been? It was so good. We have been to dinosaur exhibits like this before, you know the type, with life size dinosaur models that move and roar in their natural looking habitat settings. But this time was different. This time my kids were a little bit older with a bit more knowledge and a strong desire... Read more →