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A boy and his Dinosaurs!

Otis with his TRex on way to Dinosaur Discovery at the Queensland Museum

Today we went to the Dinosaur Discovery exhibit at the Queensland Museum! Have you been? It was so good. We have been to dinosaur exhibits like this before, you know the type, with life size dinosaur models that move and roar in their natural looking habitat settings. But this time was different. This time my kids were a little bit older with a bit more knowledge and a strong desire for even more knowledge! 

Otis taking his Schliech TRex to the Museum

The museum is a great place to go on any day. Why not take your dinosaur along?

Caspar and Otis outside Queensland Museum, Dinosaur Discovery Exhibition

You can find more pictures from our day here. If you go to the exhibit make sure to check out the Dinosaur Discovery app, Caspar in particular is thoroughly enjoying it, it really made his day. 

Footprints in the playdough at HWM Dinosaurs

Back at home Otis has been working with his dinosaurs. We have used matching cards to match dinosaurs. Otis has always loved looking at footprints! And it's been fun to learn more when classifying dinosaurs. Caspar is such a good teacher too, he is always giving his brother fun facts about dinosaurs. 

Otis using resources to learn about the TRex at How we Montessori

The Schleich dinosaurs are wonderful as they can be used in formal learning or in play! Many have the action of the moving mouth which adds to the fun (usually in our house the dinosaurs are attacking each other). The quality is just as fantastic as all the other Schleich animals we have used over the years with so much detail. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is Otis' current favourite dinosaur although he is also loving the Spinosaurus and also the Muttaburrasaurus (after playing this game). 

TRex and Dinsoaur Studies at How we Montessori

Also pictured are two of our most used Dinosaur resources including the Dinosaur Flashcards (they have facts on the back of each card) and Dinosaur! book

Otis playing with his Dinosaurs at How we Montessori

Our Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex, small dinosaur and Fern are c/o Child.com.au. Child.com.au current has 25% off all Schleich products (until the 18th July 2016). Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous is at the Queensland Museum until 9th October 2016. I am sure we will be back soon! 

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